Today is my birthday, I woke up early and contemplated a script justifying the space I fill on this planet

I met Andy Willoughby years ago, around 1987. Andy was a dear friend of the late Ed Moore owner of WFRN radio in Elkhart, Indiana, who I worked for. Both Ed and Andy were leaders in Christian Broadcasting. Ed and I would always visit with Andy at the NRB Convention. A few years ago Andy’s wife went home to be with Jesus. They made a dynamic team for Jesus! I feel Andy’s pain from here. Andy has such a love for the Lord and people. Happy Birthday Dear Andy, you are such an inspiration to thousands!

Today is my birthday. I woke up early and contemplated a script justifying the space I fill on this planet. I asked God for insight. I was hoping he would give me some glorious epitaph I could impress you with. Here is what I got instead: “My son, you don’t pay for your existence in advance. You pay as you go. When I created this earth and put mankind on it I erased all yesterdays. Then I setup tomorrow as a a goal that can only be achieved by how you live today. Seconds, minutes, hours and days all work the same. So don’t think that anything you did yesterday justifies the place under your feet. I don’t take credit so don’t hope you can pay me tomorrow for the air your breathe today. You must earn your keep as you go.” And then he asked me…”Will you live with integrity the next moment? Will you treat the next person you see kindly. Are you willing to share the meal before you. Is your next statement going to be truth? Will you forgive the next trespass? Will you smile at the next child? Pet the next dog? Give a dollar to the next cause? Will you ignore the next gossip? Encourage the next face? Will you forget to criticize yet remember to complement? Can you instruct with humility and praise fluently? Are you willing to be the first to say” I am sorry” and the last to say “you’re wrong”? Will you look each wheelchair in the eye? Wipe the next tear? This you should do for all around you. Now for your dear ones they are your most dire duty. Will you be sure that they know and feel your love and undying devotion? For if you bless the stranger but starve the heart of the precious, love will drain faster than you can add and your day finish empty.”. PS: I am not pushing, just know you never need to ask to share anything I write. Blessings ????

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