There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light which gives light to every man coming into the world. John 1:6-9 (NKJV)

Definition of witness (as found In Miriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary)


1 : attestation of a fact or event : testimony
2 : one that gives evidence specifically : one who testifies in a cause or before a judicial tribunal
3 : one asked to be present at a transaction so as to be able to testify to its having taken place
4 : one who has personal knowledge of something
5a : something serving as evidence or proof : sign
b : public affirmation by word or example of usually religious faith or conviction the heroic witness to divine lifePilot
6 capitalized : a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses



witnessed; witnessing; witnesses

Definition of witness (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

1 : to testify to : attest
2 : to act as legal witness of
3 : to furnish proof of : betoken
4a : to have personal or direct cognizance of : see for oneself witnessed the historic event
b : to take note of our grammar— witness our verb system—is a marvel of flexibility, variety, and exactitude— Charlton Laird
5 : to constitute the scene or time of structures … which this striking Dorset hilltop once witnessedThe Times Literary Supplement (London)

intransitive verb

1 : to bear witness : testify
2 : to bear witness to one’s religious convictions opportunity to witness for Christ— Billy Graham


When John The Baptist set off in his ministry, many thought he may be The Coming Messiah. John The Apostle, set the record straight that in fact, he was not The Messiah, but a witness to Him.

We may ask why people thought he was The Messiah. It could be because he spoke with such strong conviction about repentance and change. He baptized those who would come as a recognition of repentance. He was not afraid to rebuke the religious leaders, and those who called themselves followers of God, when they were wrong.

John was the one prophesied about being The Voice in the wilderness as found in Isaiah 40:3. He was preparing those of the time, to be ready for The True Messiah. In fact, when Jesus came to be baptized, he said, ““Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” John 1:29B.

We should have such strong convictions to share about Jesus. He is The One Who dies in our place. He is The One Who brings change in our lives. He is The One Who Loves us truly. He is The One Who brought True Salvation.

Why wouldn’t we want to share how He has changed us with others? Don’t we go around and introduce someone that is close to us to others with enthusiasm? This should be the same thing we do with Jesus. After all, if we have hearts that have been transformed, don’t we want to see others changed and part of the Kingdom?

Jesus, thank You for dying in our place. Thank You for making The Way back to The Heavenly Father. Than You for being The One Who saves us. Please, give us the ability to share about Who You are to others. Please, provide opportunities to share Your Love through our actions and words. Please, don’t let us falter in sharing. In Your Name We Pray, Amen.

If we are to please God, we need to allow The Holy Spirit to set us apart. We need to pursue a sinless life. We are to seek Righteousness. How do we do it? Through prayer, study, fellowship, being willing to be corrected/accountability, discipleship, and service.  
It starts with Our Relationship with Jesus. If you don’t have a Relationship with Him or you need to rekindle that Relationship, do it now. Call out to Him and seek his Love and Forgiveness. It really is as hard or easy as you make it. We should look to Him daily to seek a relationship with Him. I want to encourage you to seek Him today, if you haven’t already.
If you need help, have questions or need direction in this regard, please, feel free to let me know. Maybe today you are struggling with something. Maybe you may have found yourself not as close to The Lord as you thought. We would like to help you in this through prayer and guidance.
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Mark is a US Army Veteran and has called Albuquerque home since 1997. He earned degrees at Albuquerque Bible College, and Faith Evangelical Seminary before attending the Shepherd’s School at Cross Christian Fellowship. He has felt a calling to start a church along Route 66, in Albuquerque to reach others for Christ. Mark has had struggles with addictions, drugs, alcohol and other things, in the past. He has recovered from them, with Christ and has a desire to help others with them as well. He has a desire to setup a recovery home in Albuquerque, or nearby, to help others in the recovery process as well as help them gain some job skills and learn to have personal interactions with others. Mark grew up in traditional churches. He did not find the true meaning of having a Relationship with Jesus. At the age of 31, after hearing a Pastor talk about this Relationship, he rededicated his life to Jesus and started on a path for ministry. You can check out Recovery In Action Ministries FaceBook Page for more info on Recovery issues. Mark has been married to his wife Rebecca since 2005. Together they have four boys between them. They minister together to help others grow in their relationships with their spouses, children and family. In his free time, Mark likes to ride motorcycles, shooting and building things.

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