God Knows What is Deep Inside You, God Loves You!


This picture was taken at the House of Hope Revival in Windom, Minnesota in August of 2019 when the power suddenly went out! Thank the Lord I quickly grabbed my cell phone for light!

Welcome to the House of Hope Radio Ministry program!
Before I continue my teaching on the Holy Spirit let me share with you this quote:
Pastor Tony Evans: “When a man does not live according to the biblical definition of manhood, it shows up in his own life and in the lives under his influence and care. When we look around our world today, we can see a lot of wear and tear. There is a lot of wear and tear on women who are being misused, abused, or neglected. There is a lot of wear and tear on children who are being forgotten, misled, or turned loose. There is a lot of wear and tear on churches that split, sit stagnant, or fail to develop men who grasp the abundant life or high calling to discipleship. There is a lot of wear and tear in our communities and our nation as the economic, educational, racial, criminal, social, and health care wars dismantle our stability. We cannot resolve any of these issues without first addressing the cause of them. Many men are not aligning themselves with the purposes of God’s kingdom. Until that alignment is made right, wear and tear will only perpetuate itself, resulting in counseling and pastoral offices like my own continuing to be flooded with the fallout.”
Pastor Tony Evans in his book, “Kingdom Man”

Please now listen to my message, God Bless you all!

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