Dewey’s Daily Cup: Happy Birthday Deacon Dave, And More News


Please Pray About a Monthly or one time Love Offering to FGGAMIt is such a blessing to be serving Jesus and all of you!!! I was looking the other day at our website stats. Thousands come every month to FGGAM.ORG for news and inspiration!!! Blows me away! AWE of GOD! Hundreds, perhaps thousands, listen to House of Hope, our Radio Ministry program, which is heard on radio stations that serves southwestern Minnesota, eastern South Dakota and northern Iowa. The program is also posted on our website, Facebook and at SoundCloud.

My favorite work the Lord has me doing is PREACHING JESUS!!!

I am so super blessed to serve at FBC in Reserve! We had another super blessed service yesterday. (picture of children signing is from yesterday) It will be 7 years of serving in Catron County next month, a combination of service to the FBC’s in Quemado, Glenwood and Reserve, the last several years mainly in Reserve.

I also have filled in for Pastor Paul Holt at FBC in Magdalena, NM in Socorro County. That is where I met my dear friend Dave Ryan (pictured at very top) about 10 years ago. I called him yesterday on my way back from Reserve to wish him a happy 91st birthday!!!! PTL!!! Dave serves as a Deacon at FBC in Magdalena. Dave is such a loving man of God. He stands firm in the word of God, but in love. I told Dave he is not 91, as he got 10 years off for good behavior!!!!! LOL! LOL! I love the wisdom of our seniors, some say at 63 I am a senior, that is okay with me.  I feel like I’m 18!!! My prayer is that our young people will reach out to folks like Dave and my other dear friend, Deacon Charles McCargish who is 85! Deacon Charles serves at FBC in Reserve. These two men are full of the experiences of life and much Godly wisdom.

Charles is still a cowboy at 85, still gets on the horse! Please keep Charles in your prayers. On December 3rd he will have knee surgery.

Both Dave and Charles have played an important role in my life. I encourage you to have Godly role models and accountability partners. I also pray that the Church always sees the wisdom of our seniors and utilizes it.

Rural America is filled with people full of God, deep roots of Christianity!

My Post When Deacon Dave Suffered Heart Attack

Please Pray About a Monthly or one time Love Offering to FGGAM

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