MacArthur on Moore and Women in Ministry


I have always said, if it wasn’t for the women in the Church, the Church would not exist. I see this wherever I go. Church doors that would be closed are open because of Women. My life has been touched so very much by the women of the Church, many who are Pastors. FGGAM would not exist if it were not for my lovely wife Sharon. Pastor Barbara Gould always tells me, “Dewey you have the heart of a woman.” That means so very much too me, it makes me think of my Sharon, my Mom Ruth and Grandma Lena Caraway who said I would be a preacher someday. Love like Jesus everybody!

This message is from Todd Still of Truett Theological Seminary:

The Apostle Paul commends Phoebe of Cenchreae, the female deacon (Greek: diakonos), as the courier and first interpreter of his magisterial Epistle to the Romans. He said she had done much for many.

In the same way, John F. MacArthur Jr., pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Calif. as well as a well-known radio preacher, has done much for many, including me. I still recall reading and learning from MacArthur’s The Gospel According to Jesus while a seminary student some 30 years ago.

MacArthur turned 80 years old this past summer. This year—2019—marks his 50th year of pulpit ministry at Grace Community Church. This ministerial milestone is being celebrated throughout the year by his syndicated radio broadcast Grace to You, most recently last week at Grace Community Church at a Truth Matters Conference on the sufficiency of Scripture.

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