Happy Birthday My Hero of Faith, Pastor Richard Mansfield!!!


This morning I wished a Happy Birthday to Pastor Richard and asked him if he could send me a picture of his Church sign. The sign means more today than yesterday….because this is what Pastor Richard attempts to teach us all by his walk with JESUS! Be obedient to JESUS always. TRUST JESUS! WALK IN THAT TRUST, don’t disobey God. Be a walking Bible. Don’t embarrass God.

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15

For years I would hear about Pastor Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque. I finally got to meet him one day! What an awesome blessing that continues today. Pastor Richard took a deep interest in me and Sharon and our family and doggy’s. I remember the day I was crying in the bathroom, just starting out in independent ministry is very tough. I called Richard, he understood, he prayed for us, he spoke life into us! Just what we needed.

Over the years I have had many talks with Pastor Richard on the phone. He means the world to me. His life reflects Jesus, may that be said of us all. One day at KKIM Christian radio when I was manager a lady said this to me, “You know Dewey, Pastor Richard is the Pastor of New Mexico.” There is much truth in that.

New Mexico is filled with wonderful Pastors, the thing about Pastor Richard, like my other hero in faith, the late Pastor Larry Moss of Heights Cumberland in Albuquerque they have have raised up so many Pastors! Amazing! Both Pastor Richard and Larry have taught me so much…….pour Godly wisdom into others is they key……that is my take away! Do it in loving firmness.

I have been blessed by our Lord so very much! Getting to know Pastor Richard’s wife Cindy has been an extreme blessing. The team of Richard and Cindy is so very awesome in our Lord! Amen! New Mexico is so very super, super blessed by Pastor Richard and Pastor Cindy.


The Godly education that I have received from the likes of Pastor Richard, Cindy and Larry is priceless! Sharon and I have been super blessed by many others, like our Board of Directors and Advisers,  in our education and growth in Jesus and in ministry. We are in Awe of God and what He has done in surrounding us with such Godly people!


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