Your Bible Boost: How’s Your Vision?


Your Bible Boost – How’s YOUR Vision?

Several years ago I had Lasik Enhancement surgery.  The reason?  Well, of course, I wanted to see better.  I was really tired of those “coke bottle” size glasses.  I am typing this without those glasses.  The glasses were good, but this is far better.
When we talk about seeing, sight, looking, viewing or gazing: they are all saying something about VISION.  So, my question to you is “how’s your VISION?”
I’m really not talking about your physical eyes, but about your spiritual eyes.  Do you have a VISION of where you are going spiritually?  Are you growing in the faith?  Are you being stretched in your spiritual walk?
Helen Keller was once asked, “what would be worse than being blind?”  She quickly replied, “to have sight but no vision!”
The Bible says, “without vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18)  Eugene Peterson in The Message Bible states that verse this way, “if people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what He reveals, they are most blessed.”:  WOW!  Do we have the vision to SEE what God is doing?
In the Old Testament the children of Israel did not want to move to the Promise Land (no vision to see what God could do) but wanted to go back to Egypt.  That’s back to the land of bondage, slavery (contentment).  They had a place to stay, food to eat and employment.  But God was promising more – their own land.  Those folks were seeing but had NO VISION.
With vision we set goals, plan projects to reach forth in a purposeful way to grow in our Christian walk.  With mere “seeing” we toddle along day by day with no expectation of growth or seeing what God is doing all around us.
Many are not growing, reaching, nor expanding their spiritual horizons.  As long as church building is there, preacher is there, auditorium is comfortable we are CONTENT.  I believe the spiritual virus of CONTENTMENT has infected the body of Christ today and we have lost our vision.  We are stumbling all over OURSELVES.  We have lost our vision for great faith, evangelism, spiritual growth and touching the world with Jesus’ love.
Someone once said, “many will chose the familiar over that which requires faith.”  The children of Israel did.  They chose Egypt over the Promised Land.
So, I ask you.  HOW’S YOUR VISION?  Contentment or faith?
I am praying for you.

Leonard Navarre

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