Hope is the last word!!


Have you ever had a dream where it seemed there was “NO WAY OUT?” I have. Boy that dream was sure vivid and striking in every detail. In the dream I’m driving along when I come upon a narrow two land bridge. Approaching from the other direction in a very high rate of speed is an 18 wheeler. My thought is, “if he stays on his side of the road, I’m o.k.” But even as that thought is birthed, the 18 wheeler begins to drift over into my lane. As I look to my right, the bridge guard rails prevent me from escaping to the right. The 18 wheeler is crossing over the center lane towards me. To stay the course means an “unavoidable”, “no way out” collision. As we approach each other I hear brakes squealing, people screaming, and just before impact…I wake up. My heart is racing, I’m panting, I am bathed in sweat and I’m all out of breath. It was just a dream.

Maybe each of us has been in such a circumstance and it wasn’t just an unavoidable car wreck in a dream. Maybe it was an unavoidable wreck in the journey of life. Maybe an unavoidable divorce. Death of a loved one. Teen on drugs where it seemed there was no way out. Unavoidable Depression. Or a myriad of other “unavoidable” situations. Where do you go? Maybe you feel like I did in that dream of mine where I was boxed in on all sides. No place to turn. No way out. All of the choices were either tried or rejected. If you have not faced such situations in your life, trust me, you will. Life is just like that. There are, OR there will be circumstances, in life, that appear to offer “NO HOPE” and NO WAY OUT!.

Well, my friends, Isaiah offers us HOPE. HOPE when everything seems out of control. Hope when it seems all is lost, unavoidable. Hope in the darkness. LISTEN CLOSELY to Isaiah; “LET HIM WHO WALKS IN THE DARK, WHO HAS NO LIGHT, TRUST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD AND RELY OF GOD”. 

There you have it. When times of “no hope”, or “unavoidable situations” appear, there is HOPE in GOD. When it seems there is NO WAY OUT. Trust in the name of the Lord. When we trust in GOD He provides the strength for those “NO WAY OUT” situations. When we rely on HIM, He guides, guards and supports us through those tough unavoidable situations of life.


Love serving my Jesus,

Pastor Leonard Navarre

Lubbock, Texas

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