UPDATED: PRAY FOR RAIN: Near The Amazon Fires, Residents Are Sick and Worried


Prayers for Rain UPDATED at 4:55am Saturday August 24th:

Near the Amazon fires, residents are sick, worried, and angry 
In Porto Velho, capital of a Brazilian state ravaged by recent fires, residents are on edge and falling ill from the pervasive smoke.

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UPDATED at 6:27am Friday August 23rd:

“Our house is burning”: Record Amazon fires may top agenda at G7 summit
The French and German leaders want the issue debated at the G7 summit, but Brazil’s leader is angry.

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Here in Albuquerque we are still in the mid to upper 90’s…95 today, up to 100 Sunday. We have had some good rains but over in the Glenwood and Silver City areas it is getting really dry. We will be in need of rain again here in the Albuquerque area soon if it stays so very hot and dry. Israel has had more than its share of wildfires. Let us pray for the safety of all the Firefighters, can you even imagine the dangerous heat they face???

Please be in prayer for the safety of all…..pray for cooler weather and rain.

Pray for Rain

Wildfires are burning around the world. The most alarming is in the Amazon rainforest.
Record heat, drought, and deforestation are contributing to wildfire risk.

Read in Vox: https://apple.news/AeVX6jlcgTFyVSJCHr925PQ
Sao Paulo Wildfires

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