I Was Not a Good Father


This is a real down to earth, real life post by our Dear Friend Pastor Jude Sisneros! Happy Father’s Day Jude! Thank you for sharing with us! We love you Bro!

Jude Sisneros

A Pastor friend of mine (Dewey Moede) asked me to write something for Fathers Day.. I struggled with that because I was not a good Father.. Everything that I know now about being a Father can sometimes be too late.. As For me with some of my beautiful children, I’ve been given a second chance.. So I’m going to write down everything I wasn’t .. But believe it is everything that I know all Fathers should be.. Here it goes… A Father should be there in the wee hours of the morning before a rooster crows when a child is sick, a Father should be there in those sleepless nights when a child is scared, A Father should know what it’s like to be peed on, pooped on, and vomited on as they hold their child during illness, a Father should be used as a beanbag while you read a story to them, or a punching bag when you don’t lol.. A Father should be able to contort into hundreds of different positions as you try to buckle them in car seats, A Father should allow the coercion of his child to watch the same cartoon or movie over and over again.. and again, and again… lol, A Father should allow their home to be a jungle gym, or your bed to be a UFC octagon.. a child should be able to turn your vehicle into a garbage dump of food, and you turn your head!! ( As a Father that would be hard for me to do!!) a Father should be willing to stop at any second of the busyness of his day to help catch a lizard, A Father should always be that protector when you run across the street and give heart attacks.. A Father should always be there to wash the tears from the eyes of their crying child, when they get so destroyed over things we think are meaningless .. in all these mentioned things…This is what a Father would be thanking their children for… Thank you for all the sunrises I would of missed, Thank you for that special feelings I had when I was able to comfort you, and love you back to sleep, Thank you for making me wash my clothes more often than I used too… Thank you for making me read more, Thank you for keeping my reflexes up to speed, Thank you for keeping me flexible!! Thank you for giving me the excuse to stop what I’m doing to watch Lion King with you..Thank you for those, “Don’t tell mom” moments so I can sneak you a candy when she is not looking.. Thank you for testing my mattress springs to see how they hold up!! Thank you for giving me a reason to clean my truck!! Thank you for keeping me fit doing wind sprints as I jolt into the street after you, Thank you for the Picasso writings on the wall. Thank you for letting me feel what it is like to love someone more than myself. It is those moments that teaches us how to be a Father, Thank you so much for that.. So.. Those days that I missed, Thank you for given me those chances today… But I must warn you lol..I have ”YOUR BACK “now and forever forwardly, but having “Your Back” May look different.. it may be a word of counsel, it may be a word that will discourage you from doing or making the mistakes I made, it may sound like I’m scolding you, when I think it’s dangerous for your life, or having “YOUR BACK”may be correcting you, when your frustrated or lashing out. But the biggest thing I can give you my beloved children… Is God… He is everything to me, and can be everything to you, and I promise you forwardly I will try to always model that.. Allowing me back in your lives, has humbled me because I don’t deserve it..You’ve helped me rediscover what it is like to be a Father, and the joy that comes with it.. And the love pain I feel when you are sick, or injured, or hurting, I’ll take it, I welcome it.. It sometimes turns my world upside down.. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.. You don’t have to wish me a Happy Father’s Day.. I don’t deserve it, because everyday is a Happy Father’s Day.. to me…Because you are my children that I adore… It finally feels good to hear you say the word “Dad”. Thank you so very much..

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