Dads: Let’s Walk!!



Many years ago, I was teaching a class at a Bible college.  I was facing the back door to the classroom.  It was open, giving me a view across the hall to the door to the Men’s Restroom.  A few minutes into the presentation, the bathroom door flew open and there stood my youth minister’s son with his britches and underwear around his ankles.  With this panic look on his face, he screamed, “DAD I NEED YOU!”

That is a slogan and cry from every child today, DAD WE NEED YOU!

So what do we need?  Ephesians 4:1 gives a glimpse into the desires of our families today.  It states, “live a life worthy of the calling”, (AMP).

What does it mean for Dad’s (and really everyone of us) to “walk worthily”?  I have 4 suggestions as given by the Amplified Version.

Walking worthily means to:

1) Live a live that exhibits GODLY CHARACTER.  The Scriptures are saturated with God’s character traits.  He is loving but firm.  Teaches but understands.  Disciplines but lovingly.  Willing to give time, always there and available.  Dad’s should realize that their family needs them to be present.  Someone once stated that Dad’s only spend (on average) 1 minute of quality time with their families daily.  Notice QUALITY TIME.  According to studies, 98% of inmates stated that they had a absent Father in their lives growing up.  SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES!

2). Moral courage.  We live in a time when Satan is alive and well (as he has always been).  The temptations to make wrong choices is so very prevalent today because of our society, entertainment and music.  It takes fortitude and moral courage to stick it out during the rough times in our families.  The Bible teaches us to “STAND FIRM, PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD”.

3). Personal integrity.  In other words, what kind of man, Dad, are you when no one is looking?  Being a man of integrity means the world to your family.  If you promise to take your son fishing, DO IT.  Keep your word.  If you promise your daughter a special date night, DO IT.  Family outing…do it.  Keep your word.  Believe me, I know, little foxes spoil the vineyard.  Keep your word.

4) Mature behavior.  Seems to me, in so many instances, the children are parenting the parents.  The children scream and throw tantrums to get THEIR WAY.  Dad’s you are the guiding force in your family.  As one writer stated, “you are the point man” in your family.  You see the snakes, the traps, the temptations that are real and present before your family.  Dad’s, we have been through the valleys, the mountain tops, the struggles of life.  We know what each day could bring.  The devil, the evil one, does not care one iota about you and your family.  If he can get to you and through you, to your family, he will do it.  He does not sleep, take a vacation or call a “time out”.  He wants to take you down, and then aims at your wife, children and even grandchildren.

So DADS!  Walk worthy of your calling.  Be more than a sperm donor.  Be a leader.  Be a point man!  Be GOD’S MAN in your home.  It will take grit, courage and fortitude.  Even supernatural strength. But God has equipped you to be THAT MAN: A DAD!


Pastor Leonard Navarre

6715 92nd St

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