Dad We Need You!


Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there!

My dad was always there……My Dad was always there! This morning I want to share with you a story that Pastor Leonard Navarre shared with me….Many years ago, I was teaching a class at a Bible college. I was facing the back door to the classroom. It was open, giving me a view across the hall to the door to the Men’s Restroom. A few minutes into the presentation, the bathroom door flew open and there stood my youth minister’s son with his britches and underwear around his ankles. With this panic look on his face, he screamed, “DAD I NEED YOU!”

That is a slogan and cry from every child today, DAD WE NEED YOU!

So what do we need? Ephesians 4:1 gives a glimpse into the desires of our families today. It states, “live a life worthy of the calling”, (AMP).

Here is post from Flag Day 2019:

It makes me very sad that Facebook says my Flag Day Post goes against their community standards. I am a very, very, very sad, I never thought I would face this in my life. Facebook has been pulling down many of our posts that mention Jesus, God, God Bless, Team Jesus and prayer. This goes against everything my Dad and thousands more fought for in WW II. We will never give up! I have always ‘gone against the tide’ throughout my life. Ministry is not a popularity contest, its all about serving God, not yourself. God has made me this way. We, FGGAM, are being targeted like many other Christian Ministries. It is getting very hard to recognize my Country, it is sliding down hill rapidly.
Let me share this with you on Flag Day, My Dad’s birthday. Dad would always tells us kids, “Hey, look kids the flags are flying for my birthday!” LOL! Dad served our Country in WW II as a Sgt. in the U.S. Marines, passing away of a heart attack in 1993 at age 64. I miss my Dad and Mom so very, very much! Such loving and awesome role models! One year Dad bought me my first new bike on HIS BIRTHDAY! That is the kind of Dad I had! He always put others before himself. THANK YOU LORD!
From Billy Graham this morning at FGGAM.ORG: America has gone a long way down the wrong road. We are blessed to have brave citizens serve this country, but no one person can turn a nation around. For Christians we must remember that our allegiance is first to God, and then country. When a nation humbles itself before God, He blesses. Only by His power does a nation stand.

If a U.S. ambassador were to pull the American flag down at one of our embassies, he or she would likely not remain a representative of this country. Citizens are called to allegiance. Christians, likewise, are to exhibit their allegiance as ambassadors of the King of kings.

A Marine once described a night battle when he and his troops came under attack. He lived to tell about what it cost to fly the American flag high. Upon returning home he gave his life to Christ and said, “We bear an allegiance to the flag of our country, but unless we’ve been born again through faith in Christ, our religion is worth nothing.” He came to know the importance of lifting the flag of the Lord Jesus high. Just as he had fought for his country, he realized that he was an ambassador for the Lord.

If we’re not willing to let our flags of allegiance to the Lord fly at home, in the office, in the shop, on the campus — then we are not worthy to be His ambassadors! We’re to take our stand and let all those around us know that we are Christians. God blesses the nation whose people call on the name of the Lord (2 Chronicles 7:14).

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