Not Enough Preaching on Sin


God has really put this on my heart for several months, that the Church is not preaching enough on sin…what is sin? what are the ramifications? Why do so many ignore God? Why do so many think they are above God?

Billy Graham: When we sin, the Bible says that we alone are responsible for the decisions we make by ignoring God and going our own way. We cannot blame the world, the culture, or another person. However, Satan is the ruler of darkness and is behind the scenes, probing our weaknesses and tempting us to sin. He doesn’t cause us to sin, but he does everything he can to deceive us so that we feel justified! Only through salvation in Christ can we win victory over sin.

Billy Graham never preached a sermon without speaking on sin, repentance, salvation, hell, and heaven.
The American Church needs to stop the ‘high school pep rally’ mentality and hold Church.

The notion of sin and the nature of sin have been debated from the beginning of time, and that debate continues today. Sin presents itself in the mind, manifests itself in word and deed, and is hidden in the heart of everyone. It will overtake the man and women who refuse to believe it will conquer them.

The Bible says that the whole world is a prisoner of sin. Sin has crippled human nature, but God has provided the cure. There is no sin that the blood of Jesus Christ cannot cleanse. And that’s good news indeed for a culture that still doesn’t know what to do with sin.

All the distress, bitterness, heartache, shame and tragedy can be summed up in the three-letter word: Sin. Its meaning — to fall short of God’s standard and to do contrary to God’s law — has an impact on every soul and overflows the boundaries of the human heart.

The world’s system claims that the notion of sin is old-fashioned. People “in” the world prove that claim erroneous. A national newspaper quoted a sociologist who admitted, “Secular people still believe there’s sin, judgment and punishment.” Sin is definitely “in” and it is “in” every single heart that beats.

Talking about sin does not make someone a sinner. The truth is that everyone is born in sin. While some may not think of themselves as sinners, God does. He hears every word we utter; He knows the hidden things. The Bible says that God “knows the secrets of the heart” (Psalm 44:21). But He loves sinners more than we love sin. There is no greater love than what Jesus offers every person ever born.

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