I have been so super blessed by God over my almost 63 years to be surrounded by great men and women of God. I have learned so much from all my super friends. I have absorbed the ways of God from them. In my 41 years in communications I have interviewed so many awesome people of God, one of those is Pastor Bill Redmond who also served the state of New Mexico in Washington D.C.

One of the highlights for me always at the National Day Of Prayer, which was held yesterday, is I get to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while like former Congressman Pastor Bill Redmond. What a blessing he is to the state of New Mexico, love this man of God! Always loved interviewing Bill on News and Views on KKIM! One time I did a live interview with Bill from China! It was 3am his time, but he was so very gracious to do the interview at that time! I tried to get Bill to make an announcement that he was going to run for Congress, he said, “No Dewey!” LOL!

Bill is one of the most intelligent people I have every met. He is a treasure of information. Bill knows Biblical history and world history like no other. Years ago he led the Biblical Worldview Conference in Albuquerque with featured speaker Chuck Colson. What event for God!! We had Pastors from every county in New Mexico attend! Bill is unites people for Jesus, he’s not a divider. We could use him in D.C. Bill is a role model for us all.

When I would interview him on KKIM we would talk for 20 to 40 minutes…..such a Godly perspective on the events of the day.

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I think my biggest point in writing this post is to pay tribute to Godly men and women and stress the importance of having Godly mentors! Read More here on Godly people

Godly Women

Remember my friends, you become who you stick around with.

Thank you Bill Redmond and the many others in my life who have impacted me for JESUS and prepared me and Sharon to be in ministry here at FGGAM! We love you all!

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