This is a huge challenge for the Republican party of New Mexico! Will the GOP put its money where their mouth is? Too many times the GOP has failed to support their candidates!

I am a registered Independent, I vote for the best person, not for the party. The Dems have a huge war chest that will be spent on this election. The Republicans in New Mexico have been very weak in their support of their own. We will find out how serious the Republicans are about winning this seat.

I had lunch with Janice E. Arnold Jones yesterday. I beleive Janice is the best person to fill that seat. Here are some comments that were posted on my Facebook page after I posted I had lunch with Janice.

Don Kimbro We love Janice Arnold-Jones. She would make a great senator but she’s going to need a lot of money. I mean a LOT of money. Are Christians and present supporters up to that in this increasingly obnoxious “blue state”? She’s got our vote and support but she’s going to need much more than that. Maybe we should all start with prayer. It certainly worked with Someone else we all know.. God bless (if FB will still let us say that).

Susan J. Cessac

I think that’s a great idea, but the Republican Party would have to step it up and start supporting Republicans in our state. They have been sadly lacking.
Many people told me that the Republicans have failed to support their own with cash.
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