This morning on Good Friday we are blessed by this post by our very Dear Friend in Jesus, Lynn Stoneking! Happy Resurrection Sunday to you and Thomas and all of your wonderful family Lynn! You all our such a wonderful testimony on how to live for Jesus!
Lynn Stoneking


I’ve been thinking about the procession of Palm Sunday this week.

“Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem!”

I watched a kids cartoon with my children to try to help them understand (help Me understand). I watched people huddled around Jesus. He was a Superstar!

I watched them spread the word to one another that this. Is. Jesus – the long-awaited Messiah!

I studied the children’s excitement – as THEY watched their PARENTS’ EXCITEMENT! – and mimicked it.

And I sat there in that moment – looking ahead to what I knew would happen a few days later – and thought to myself:

How did this all fall apart?!
Jesus’ message had not changed.
He claimed he was the Coming Messiah.
His claims remained True.
What. Happened?

How do we as adults portray our Love and Devotion to God the Father and Jesus Christ in one moment, but then turn on Him – when He doesn’t pan-out to what we thought He was going to or should have?

What does that look like to our children?
What do I LOOK LIKE to my children?….

Lord – I Believe…
Help thou my unbelief
I take the finite risk
Of Trusting like a child.

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