My friend Zibeon (Zibby) Winn traveled with me to FBC in Reserve Zibby is studying in ministry! We met Lucy from France hiking through Reserve on her way to the Montana/Canadian border! She asked for a ride to Pie Town and we were happy to do so. We had a wonderful discussion about Jesus as we traveled and I gave her a Charles Stanley study Bible! Thank you Lord for this divine appointment!

Many travel through Reserve hiking, people from all over the world. The First Baptist Church of Reserve opens its doors to all. Many times over the years Deacon Charles McCargish has opened up the Church for hikers to shower, sleep, and to provide them with a meal or two.

I love the heart of ALL THE PEOPLE in Reserve. It is such a wonderful community! FBC showing the love of Jesus to all!

Divine Appointments

Sunday was such a blessing at FBC in Reserve! The Lord’s Supper was served, it was so very HOLY!

You are invited to our Sunrise service on Easter! Breakfast follows the Sunrise Service and I also will be preaching at 11am on Resurrection Sunday! PTL!

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