I am so sad at the direction our country and state of New Mexico is going, and now this……Steve Pearce is taking heat from his own party on his stance against legalizing pot!!!!! ABQ Journal Report

I thank the Lord for Steve’s stance on pot! What has happened to the Republican Party here in New Mexico???!!! I have been talking to friends from Albuquerque to Reserve, many are saying that one of the failings of the Republican Party in the last election was their weak support for Janice E. Arnold Jones. The Republicans have to take great responsibility in the mess we are now in by their lack of aggressive campaigning! Where was the money for Janice???!!! The Dems out maneuvered the Republicans in New Mexico big time! Now Lujan Griisham and her team are turning this state upside down.

Now the Republicans in New Mexico are arguing about POT!!! What is the Republican party in New Mexico? Who are they? Who is running the party? This is another reason, among many, that I am not a Dem or Republican! I am a registered Independent. I am so very tired of bother parties that have really splintered into…what 10 versions?

My goodness!!! We are just in plain trouble, we have made and mess of God’s creation. God sets the standard not man, God sets all standards not politicians!

Whatever gave man the idea that he rules over GOD!!!???? But, I guess that is an ‘old fashion’ idea here in modern day America………

Opinion: Pot and teens – I’m a mom and a doctor, here’s what I tell my own teenagers
Fox News

There’s been an alarming rise in teenage marijuana use across the U.S. and it’s now at its highest level in 30 years. One reason may be that 10 states and the District of Columbia now allow recreational use of pot by adults, while 33 states have legalized medical marijuana. Read the full story


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