Billy Graham said this about marriage….

The Bible stresses that a marriage ideally should be a picture or a reflection of Christ’s love for His people!

Marriage is a holy bond because it permits two people to help each other work out their spiritual destinies. God declared marriage to be good.

Love my Sharon! She works so hard as an RN and is my partner in ministry! She does so many wonderful things behind the scenes. For God’s God’s Glory Alone! Most blessed man in the world I am! Sharon is not on social media, she is so very busy doing the work God has assigned her. I can never repay Sharon for all she does. Sharon is the glue that keeps everything together.

I gave Sharon roses for Valentine’s Day!!! 

Can I ask you to do something? Would you pray about a monthly Love Offering

Thank you for your consideration. It has been a very dry 4 months.

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