Prayers Appreciated: Lord Willing I’ll Be at FBC in Reserve Today


If you live in the Reserve, New Mexico area and do not have a home Church, I would love to see you at 11am at the First Baptist Church in Reserve! I have much to share with you.

I stand by this quote by my hero John Wesley: Nothing short of God can satisfy your soul

My prayer is that more Pastors will learn the ways of the greats like Oswald Chambers, D.L. Moody, John Wesley, Smith Wigglesworth….so much wisdom for today’s darkness, the present day Church is losing the battle for life in America. Unlimited abortion, killing God’s babies and assisted suicide. So much of the Church in America is ‘tickling the ears’ it is like a high school pep rally. We must focus on salvation. We must carry out the Great Commission.
Do we not see the results of ‘tickling ears, pep rallies? Darkness grows.
Do not get me started on those who preach the prosperity gospel, so very sinful.

How did man ever get to the point that He thinks he can rule over God and kill babies?

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