Godless Progressives Lead Down the Road to Serfdom to the Dark Ages With the Green New Deal


The dark ages were a gentile period of world history when humans had to walk wherever they needed to go and only the Lords and Ladies had access to horses and carriages.
There was no access to electricity as no one had harnessed it yet. There was universal healthcare because everyone universally died from the plague or whatever was going around.
No airplanes, no cars, and none of the wonders that we enjoy today and the local government had absolute control of your life. With the exception of farting cows that is what the air-heads in Congress would like to bring back. Oh, I almost forgot, they would like to bankrupt us first, all in the name of saving the planet from their imaginary sky-is-falling mania.
Led by the freshman congresswomen from New York, the Green New Deal calls for a complete overhaul of the United States energy infrastructure while magically creating millions of ‘good, high-wage jobs’. It would somehow do this while achieving a ‘net-zero’ greenhouse emissions.
This epic fantasy-laden legislation goes down the progressive wish list of programs in the name of the greater good when in reality it is the most destructive nonsense to come out of the basement in a long while.

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