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May I share some things to pray over your pastor that the average church member may not realize?   These are my own personal experiences; they are real; they can be devastating.

A number of years ago, I was pastor in a mountain town that I loved, and still do.  In spite of being a wonderful town with many well-meaning residents, it also had a large amount of Satan worshippers and witches.  During a season of preaching on these kinds of things to my church, I discovered that one of the Satanists in town had my picture displayed on his altar to Satan in his home.

Later, as I was preaching a series on the biblical view of homosexuality, I had a three-hour phone call from a local gay witch.

While ministering in Russia, my interpreter made me aware that the old woman who was following us and shouting things directed at me, was actually placing curses upon my life.

Many similar things happened while in China and Vietnam also, but I will not share all of those, but allow me to share one more.  It was while guiding a struggling Baptist church start in Villa Corona, Mexico in becoming a house of prayer and prayerwalking.  The church’s main struggle was with the only other church in town; the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church did not want them there and caused many difficulties.

The day the pastor and I prayerwalked Villa Corona, I was confronted by a man who was demon possessed.   After the Lord liberated him through my prayers of warfare, the word spread that the white man in the village was a problem.   You see, the Catholic Church allowed witchcraft to be practiced within the church and the village, and I was deemed as a threat.

Later that night, I was conducting a seminar prayer for this young Baptist church out of doors without a sound system.  Normally, this is not a problem for me.  However, the Catholic Church decided to hold some impromptu meetings right across the street from where we were meeting.  They brought a sound system.

There was much shouting and some kind of music coming from their gathering.  I did not pay it much attention as to the content as I was mostly trying to be heard by the group I was instructing.

It was after the sessions I found they had been chanting curses over the white man.  I became instantly ill, and it lasted until I arrived home and I finally had a ray of wisdom come to me while on one of my many trips to the restroom.  I commanded, “If this is of the devil, stop it in Jesus’ name!”   I never had another problem from that point.

Folks, you may not be aware; your pastor may not be aware, of the subtle ways the enemy brings his attacks against the pastors of our LORD.   Pray for them!   Pray for their spiritual protection!   “Deliver them from the evil one!”

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