For Every One of Your Uncertainties, God Has an Absolute!

I am finding as the days go by as I minister to people many need reassurance……..
For every one of your uncertainties, God has an absolute!
  • God is God of absolutes.
  • God is a God of fact…not feeling.
  • The things that are presented in the Word of God are things that you and I can be absolutely sure of.
God doesn’t want us to be filled with fear and anxiety about our relationship with Him.
Fear is not of God.
God doesn’t want us to be uncertain about this gift of salvation that He has given us!
-That is why He gives us so many reassurances in the Bible.
In Romans 8, we find several “Re-assurances” for the Christian:
  1. We are assured that there is “no condemnation” for us.
  2. We are assured of being “resurrected from the dead and raised to eternal life in Christ”.
  3. We are told that we can be certain about our relationship with God.
  4. We are told that “we should not have a spirit that makes us a slave again to fear because we have received the Spirit of sonship”.
  5. We are told that we can be assured even as we go through sufferings because our future glory is certain.
  6. We are told that we can have confidence even in our times of weakness because in those times, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us.
Romans 8 is filled with words of assurance from God! If there is anything that we need in these days it is assurance.
Your Homework assignment: I pray today that you turn your Bible to Romans 8 and let the words speak to your heart, mind and soul. Amen

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