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I asked Gary if I could start posting his wisdom on grieving. Gary has been so much help to a friend of ours! Gary sent this email reply: Hi Pastor Dewey. Certainly. Just use it as is, and link to my website. I know you would do that anyway…just being diligent. We want those connections and relationships that lead to healing and growth. I’d be honored if you would post it, in other words.

I love your site, by the way! Thanks for sending me the link.
Hi Dewey.
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Feel like you’re going crazy?

In grief, this is a common thought (and fear). And no wonder…


From the Grieving Heart:

I feel confused today. 

One minute I’m sad, and the next I’m angry. I zone out and find myself staring at the walls. Everything seems strange, like I’m in some alternate reality that looks a lot like my old life. Except that you’re not here.

My life is not the same at all. Everything feels different now.

Then the sadness returns. Or maybe it never left. Perhaps sadness is more like a cloud that follows me throughout the day.

My emotions are all over the place, and I’m getting less able to manage and hide them. I feel unstable. I’m not acting like myself. I feel different. 

The world around me marches on like nothing happened, while I’m stuck here. It’s like I’ve become an observer – an outsider looking in. 

I miss you. Where did you go? Where did I go? I want my old life back. 

What is life now? I’m confused.


Living in the same world when nothing seems the same.

We wake up in the same world, but for us everything has changed. This is confusing. How do we do this?

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