A busy life – impacted by a Ministry of Goodness

Jannetta Lamourt

Our lives are so busy from day to day- matter of fact… I have meant to write this letter about the impact of FGGAM on my life for weeks now and as each day slipped by- I would come to the end of it and think, “Oh no! I forgot again!” and then reaffirm my determination to get it done the very next day.

What I want to share with you is how Dewey Moede and the ministry of FGGAM has impacted my life for many years now, and why I feel strongly that FGGAM’s purpose and constant work of bringing news and inspiration to New Mexico and the world through a Biblical lens is vital.

I met Dewey around ten years ago, I worked for a local non-profit organization at that time, and during the work-related exchange of information – Dewey told me of his personal ministry, a daily inspirational message of hope which was simply called Dewey’s Daily Cup.  And, since I am an advocate for communication in general and especially technical and web facilitated communications – I appreciated Dewey’s dream of growth in his ministry efforts through building an online presence.

Over time, Dewey and I talked at length about flexibility and accessibility of an online ministry- and as our friendship grew and the years flew by, I helped Dewey with a variety of technical or web-related matters- from that initial task of smoothing out his email process, to designing a logo and building his first website. Today, I am so happy to see a simple daily inspirational email grow into the ministry of For God’s Glory Alone Ministry– and am happy to say that working with Dewey, his Board of Directors, and the FGGAM Ministry partners continues to be a joy and a blessing in my life.

I know personally how much work goes into this ministry- over the years – FGGAM has developed into a haven of hope through outreach, prayer, and compassionate ministering – presenting a strong Christian message not only online, through word and sound, but through pastoral visits,  helping others by gifting needed food or other aid as the ministry can support, collaborating with other ministries and of course, through speaking engagements and many other opportunities to spread the love of Christ. What I see every single day is how Dewey and FGGAM work so very hard to for this ministry and are strong community partners to so many in times of need.

As your busy week marches along – please take a moment and visit FGGAM online at www.fggam.org –  and spend a bit of time to read an article or two, ask a question, request a prayer, make a donation, and be sure and sign up for regular messages of hope and inspiration from Dewey and the others who contribute to FGGAM and of course, feel free to share your story of how Dewey and FGGAM impacts your life too!




FGGAM Director of Digital/Social Strategy




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