Senator Orrin Hatch Warns Senate ‘is in crisis’ in Farewell Speech


Pray for America! I call it, America is in Chaos, God is not a God of Chaos! It is not just the Senate, its our entire Nation!

Orrin Hatch warns Senate ‘is in crisis’ in farewell speech
NBC News

The Republican senator from Utah, 84, is retiring this month after serving four decades in the Senate. Read the full story


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So many in America have made politicians and politics their God, looking in all the wrong places for answers.

With all the hate and arguing in Washington D.C., we are going nowhere, just deeper into the muck of politics. God is not a God of Chaos.

Repent America, return to God, seek His face and ways!

Less than 50% of homes in America have a Bible.

“You shall have no other gods before me” Exodus 20:3

The way to make America great again is through God, not politics.

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