UPDATED: Barbara Comes Home Saturday!!! Please Continue to Pray for FGGAM Board Member Barbara Gould


UPDATED Friday 4:10pm:  PTL!!! Barbara comes home on Saturday!!! Thank you all for your love and prayers!!!


Please keep praying for FGGAM Board Member Barbara Gould! She is recovering from surgery and is in rehab! Apostle Barbara thanks you for your love and continued prayers!

Barbara has been a direct God-send to me and Sharon and to For God’s Glory Alone Ministries. Barbara has helped guide us in so many ways since God started FGGAM 7 years ago this coming August. Today FGGAM holds its year end Board meeting and we will miss Barbara’s presence. We also will miss Wannel Pate at the Board meeting as she is with her family out east.

We are so blessed by FGGAM Board members Vice Chairman Pastor Bill Ruhl and Pastor Sonia Haylett . We also have an Advisory Board made up of 20 folks. God has directed me to always seek wise counsel and be accountable in all ways.









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