Pastor Bill Ruhl: FGGAM Seven Years, Entering Into a Season of Completed Works, What Lies Ahead?


This is a report from Pastor Bill Ruhl who is Vice-Chair of For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, FGGAM. I met Bill 8 years ago, he came to KKIM Christian Radio in Albuquerque and volunteered his services to the station and became a news anchor for us. WOW! What a blessing that was!!! Bill would fill in for Hall-of-Famer Frank Haley, it was then, like we had two Hall-of-Famers! If you heard Bill on the air, you would know why I say this! What a voice and delivery! Bill uses his voice for our Lord, to spread the truth and love of Jesus. Bill became Vice-Chair of FGGAM when God formed this ministry 6 years ago this past August. What wisdom and love this man has! WOW! Sharon and I have learned so much from him. I carry Bill’s words with me as I go about my days here at FGGAM. We are blessed to have Bill do a recap for us of FGGAM. Pictured is Bill and his lovely angel wife Monica.

FGGAM 2018/2019
Seven years; entering into a season of completed works. The Lord’s word for FGGAM is “spinning wheels”. Interesting to hear the Lord unpack what He means by that. It is a twofold understanding. One is a word of caution not to be complacent in what has already been accomplished. Why? This can lead to being stuck in a rut, staying in place too long with no forward movement, just spinning our wheels. The second is a word of encouragement that the things accomplished over the past six years are the material stored up as individual threads, to be worked on the spinning wheel, to produce the yarn that will create the new garment for this new  7th season.

Often we find ourselves in a rut, not because where we have been is wrong, but because it was so good we linger there in the comfort of that place. And while it was a wonderful place during that past season, if we remain there any longer, we will become stagnant (complacent) and not grow into the fullness Christ intends for us to achieve.

If we recognize all the past accomplishments for what they were intended to be, the assortment of multicolored thread that can now be spun into the yarn of this present season, we will begin to see the patterns necessary to complete the garment God is weaving in FGGAM for 2019.

We’ve certainly come a long way from that day six years ago, standing in Dewey’s driveway, after unloading the last of his office belongings from his stint on Christian radio in Albuquerque, with Dewey asking in a somewhat unsettled inquiry: “What now?!” The answer: For God’s Glory Alone – FGGAM.

When one season ends, it is a sign of God opening the door to a new season. And God truly threw this door wide open. Over the years, so many people coming onboard to make the FGGAM website a banquet of devotions, discipleship, encouragement, news, fellowship, wonderful stories and original writings. With an audience that spans the globe! An era of the “circuit preacher” became available to Dewey as he filled the need in many different pulpits throughout New Mexico. Along those same lines of pastoral care a local funeral home also called upon Dewey to bless many families that had no local church connection to draw on in time of loss. The past three years saw the beginnings of the “Windom Revival”, with Dewey going back to the place of his beginnings to help facilitate a time of honoring God and a lifetime of acquaintances in his hometown of Windom, MN. That revival has taken hold and will continue on due to the seeds FGGAM planted there. FGGAM has also taken to the radio airwaves in that region too, House of Hope Radio,  through the encouragement and support of lifelong friends in the Christian broadcast industry.

What lies ahead? Completed works that will become the fabric of new endeavors. God’s not done. On the contrary, He is just beginning a new thing. In 2019 we cheerfully ask again, “What now?”, knowing God’s answer is going to be amazing.

Thank you to all who faithfully follow and support FGGAM. Together it’s been and shall continue to be an exciting journey! Blessings in the New Year.

Pastor Bill Ruhl of Global Destiny Ministries in Albuquerque and Vice Chair of FGGAM

Other FGGAM Board Members are Wanell Pate, Barbara Gould and Sonia Haylett. We have the best Board ever! Accountability, Guidance, Purity and Affirmation is what they bring to us! Sharon and I are so ever grateful! We also have around 20 other individuals that make our Advisory Council.

Please Pray About Partnering With Us

We are so very thankful for this note from Rick Griffin of Albuquerque. I first met Rick 15 years ago! A  Hall-of-Fame Coach turned Hall-of-Fame Businessman, he has motivated me and Sharon so very much! Rick is our personal financial adviser and has really helped us plan for the future. Most of all Rick is a man of God, an awesome family man, friends of hundreds and he has a great partner, his angel wife Margaret! Thank you Rick for speaking Proverbs 16:24 over us! We love you and Margaret and your entire family. Picture is of Rick and Margaret. The Griffin’s have supported our efforts for years! We love you Rick and Margaret!
Dear Dewey
I wanted to send you a note and let you know how much I appreciate you and Sharon and all that you do for and with FGGAM!  As I reflect on 2018, I am so impressed with FGGAM and its’ outreach and expansion! It has been a beacon of light, information, and motivation for my personal life and business life.  I would encourage anyone and everyone who believes as I do, that our society suffers from a spiritual sinkhole, to help support the organization through any means possible. My personal association with Dewey and Sharon gives me great comfort knowing how and who runs such a respectable organization.  The service minded God fearing people that they are provides a level of outreach and personal touch not often seen in major congregations! The level of growth has been nothing short of a miracle from God on par with any such Biblical miracles you might read about with shoe string budgets.  I believe with a serious commitment we could help this organization continue to grow and reach people who suffering in a myriad of ways. Let God provide these souls the peace that passes all understanding, through FGGAM and its leaders and staff we can do that through our commitment.  Dewey … Sharon, God Bless you and thank you for your enormous heart, but more importantly, thank you for doing God’s work
Rick Griffin in Albuquerque

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