Blizzard of 2018? Snow Totals and Now FREEZING TEMPS! Please Be Careful


The picture is from our house during the blizzard of 2018! Ha!

The blizzard of 2018 never hit us on the west side of Albuquerque! Too much panic! One fellow told Sharon, “I sure feel like a fool going to the store and stocking up on everything, and no snow!” Well, better be safe than sorry!  It did snow a bit on the east side of the city, 8 inches at Tramway, but that is nothing. My goodness! For this old Minnesota boy a little snow sure creates panic and reckless driving in New Mexico! From watching Facebook many had fun out in the snow yesterday! My friends in the East Mountains did get pounded by snow, but I have not had any reports of injuries, some stuck semis and cars, is about it. The cold temps is my greatest concern at this point.

ABQ Journal Report

Please be careful now as it is really cold, its just 13 degrees in Albuquerque as I write this post at 5:20am. The high today will be just 31, the low will be 9. Please be careful of frozen pipes. Pray for the homeless. Weather Channel Forecast

FREEZE WARNING: Prevent Frozen and Burst Pipes During Cold Snap

Be Prepared–Emergency Response May Be Delayed
Due to National CenturyLink Outage

Temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing this weekend, which is a recipe for frozen and burst pipes. Residents are urged to take the following steps to prevent property damage and loss of water service related to frozen pipes:

• Open sink cabinets to allow warm air to circulate around pipes—especially if they’re on an outside wall.

• Drip a faucet in the sink located furthest from your water meter. The moving water is less likely to freeze, and will help reduce pressure build-up if a freeze does occur.

• Going to be away from home? Don’t turn the heat all the way down. Experts recommend maintaining a minimum indoor temperature of 55° Fahrenheit.

• Insulate exposed outdoor pipes and hose bibs/faucets.

• Know the location of your emergency shut-off valve, if you have one. This can be used to turn off water to your house if a pipe should burst.

REMEMBER: Nationwide network outages are currently affecting CenturyLink, which in turn is affecting Water Authority phone lines. Responses to emergency calls for water shut-offs and frozen water meters may be delayed.

If residents require an emergency turn-off and cannot reach the Water Authority via its main emergency number, 842-WATR (9287), they can call the backup line at 238-4019 or send an email to Someone will respond as soon as possible, but high call volumes and long waits are anticipated.

Residents are therefore urged to prevent frozen pipes before they happen!


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