My Friend Dewey Moede is a Man For All Seasons


My friend Dewey Moede is a man for all seasons.  Dewey has over come many problems.  If you ask him, he’ll show you his leg brace that helped him walk as a kid.  The Drs. told his parents he’d never be able to run and play baseball.  He and Jesus proved them wrong.  He loves baseball all most as much as he loves Jesus!!

I met Dewey years ago while he managed KKIM Christian radio in Albuquerque. I had just retired at 65 after working in the radio business for 45 years.  Dewey wanted me to work for him doing morning news at his station.  I said I would do that only for God’s glory alone.  A few years later Dewey felt the call to start his own ministry for Christ and the rest is history.  Dewey and his wife Sharon focus on one thing, helping widows,  orphans, and churches that need a preacher on any Sunday morning.   His FOR GOD’S GLORY ALONE MINISTRIES has grown from a “one-on-one” ministry to a world wide Internet web ministry seen and heard by millions, nearly 6 million in their 6 years of ministry.  I am proud to call Dewey Moede my friend and brother in Christ Jesus.   If you want to know the truth about God, life, eternity and how to get into Heaven,  ask him. He’ll tell you, For God’s Glory Alone.

Frank Haley  cjf
Good News Diector
Son Broadcasting

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