“I Don’t Believe in Religion, I Believe in Almighty God”


This is the latest by Lydia Haley Crandall, thank you for blessing us with your postings Lydia!

It might seem like I post about, religion, politics & other controversiall issues a lot. But the truth is, I don’t believe in religion; I believe in a relationship with Almighty God which is made possible only by a life surrendered to Jesus & his authority. Politics? Nope, I don’t do politics-I just know the importance of electing officials that seek to honor God in their leadership. Ones who have our best interest in mind & live their convictions. I strongly believe we should vote our morals. Which leads me to the topic of what some people may call a highly controversial issue: abortion. I have a strong conviction to speak up for the unborn; our most innocent citizens, without a voice. As a Christian, I MUST voice my disgust with our culture & society who, as a whole turns a prideful blind eye to this great travesty. This is one issue that I will not back down on or waver on. Life begins at conception. We each had a heartbeat at 18 days!! You & me both. A HEARTBEAT❣️We have a fundamental right to LIFE. So yes, there are a few things I am passionate about & I will voice, as long as I have a voice. I answer to a higher calling & I feel silence is just as bad as participating in the act. I do not want to face my God someday & have those precious, innocent lives’ blood on my hands. If it offends you, that’s called conviction & is actually good for you. Repent while it is still called today. If you don’t like it, feel free to unfollow me or unfriend me

Tracy N Lydia Crandall 

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