Weekend Travel For God’s Glory Alone, 9 Years as a Circuit Preacher


The “Jesus Car” sure put on the miles this past weekend! I started out Saturday morning to kick off the Emmanuel Ministries Camp Meeting in Rio Rancho! Thank you  Apostle Barbara Gould and Pastor Sonia Haylett for having me. Then I went home and packed the car for my trip to Reserve Saturday night. I met with Deacon Charles McCargish and then we went on a ministry call.

Sunday morning I left for Glenwood, what an awesome part of America! I had never traveled over to the Glenwood area before. The Church is up on the mesa off of HWY 159. What a wonderful congregation at the Baptist Church, we had such a awesome service. I was filling in for Pastor David Schumm who is on vacation. It is an extreme Godly honor when a Pastor calls on you to fill the pulpit for him. It is an extreme trust. Over the last 9 years I have traveled New Mexico as a circuit preacher, or as my dear friend Shari Johnson the “Jesus Chick” in West Virginia calls me, “Preacher Man”, to fill a need.

After Church in Glenwood I traveled back to Reserve to meet with friends. It was a very blessed weekend. It was so wonderful to get back home and have Sharon’s homemade chicken soup, food for the soul.

I want to thank John and Melba Belew of Santa Fe, New Mexico for paying for the repairs of the “Jesus Car” so I could get on the road!!! PTL for all of our supporters! We love you all!

The pledge to the Bible and the Christian Flag are read at the start of service at the Glenwood Baptist Church. The picture of the sun was taken from the Church.

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