Please Read My Thank You Letter: God Established FGGAM 6 Years Ago Today!


I weep tears of joy….I am in Awe of God and what He has done…..

WOW! It seems longer than 6 years! Why? Because it seems me and Sharon have been given a lifetime of lessons! Amazing! I will always remember going home from KKIM radio in June, six years ago, and telling Sharon, “Babe, I have to leave KKIM and establish this ministry God is showing me.”

Sharon did not flinch in giving up my $80,000 salary at KKIM. We surrounded ourselves with Godly people, Bill Ruhl, Wanell Pate, Barbara Gould, Sonia Haylett, Paul Holt, Don Kimbro, Leonard Navarre, Jose Vasquez, Walter Bradley, John Lay, Kathy Garcia, Kay Hendrickson and many others to form the FGGAM Board of Directors and also an Advisory Board.

I remember so vividly the people that stood by Sharon and me as we answered the call of our Lord. I wish i could list all the names!

We started six years ago today.

I remember FGGAM Vice Chairman Bill Ruhl helping me move my office from KKIM to our house. We loaded up his truck and unloaded it……..and then I turned to Pastor Bill and said, “Now what Bill?” He told me to trust God to lead the way..God will provide the way….

That He has and more…..

I have an amazing testimony to share about my God…..going from $80,000 to zero….Sharon supporting us and the ministry with her nursing salary, selling off personal belongings for 2 1/2 years until more and more supporters surrounded us each month.

God has taught us much! I have learned so much from God, at times I want to explode into glory!!! I am but a simple man of God trying everyday to follow God in what He wants me to do.

I have a deep passion for people, I love all people, God has softened my heart big time through all this as I have watched Him work in me and Sharon and in the ministry. FGGAM is a miracle, God gave us the name For God’s Glory Alone Ministries, He is sustaining us…we started with zero in mans definition, but when God starts something, its just plain amazing to watch.

God has sent me to FBC in Reserve to preach now for for 6 years come December. This experience may be my best education in the ways of God. I do not have words to describe to me what I  have learned by going to Reserve and making so many dear friends and answering the call the Lord has placed on my heart. I weep as I type this, driving a total of 8 hours on the Sundays I go, right now the first and third Sundays, God teaches me much, better than any schooling. I hear Him clearly.

In preparation for God pulling me out of radio, God gave me such an education by all the Godly Pastors I would work with at KKIM. It was like going to seminary hearing Charles Stanley, Adrian Rogers, Jim Dobson, Chuck Swindoll, and so many others everyday…and our New Mexico Pastors!!! WOW!

Charles Stanley’s ministry supports FGGAM to this day with teaching materials and hand outs, such as Bibles.

I have learned by observing Pastors in how they conduct themselves. God showed me who to watch.

God has blown us away, as we are approaching 6 million visitors to our website!!! People from all over the world are coming to FGGAM.ORG!! We are in Awe of God! Managing the website is almost a 24/7 job! Jannetta Lamourt Dodson started our website 6 years ago, she still helps us, Pastor Paul Holt has been managing our site now for years. We have writers from all over America!

Counseling people has taught me much, I make myself available to anyone. So many hurting, so many do not have a Church or Pastor. I try to get them connected to a Pastor and if needed a Christian counselor. Hurting people have taught me much. They have softened my heart.

This year I have done so many funerals, the most ever, I now begin to weep again as I see the faces of those I have done services for and their loved ones….Once again God has taught me much. Once again, he has softened my heart.

There is a theme hear…….the softening of my heart for God and all people.

I am the one that has been blessed so very much by what God has done and is doing here at FGGAM. I have learned for eternity. I see what a Godly wife is in my Sharon who has stood by me in all these 6 years. I saw her sell off belongings so we could survive the first 2 1/2 years.

I see so many people who have surrounded us with so much love these 6 years. We cannot thank those who support this ministry with their love offerings enough.

I go back to my home town and going to Sunday School at the American Lutheran Church in Windom, Minnesota where it all began for me, taking my first full-time radio job at KGCX in Sidney, Montana and hearing Billy Graham every Sunday morning on the radio, then going to work in 1986 for the Moore family at WFRN in Elkhart, Indiana, my first job in Christian radio. I learned so much from the Moore family about ministry, my relationship with God and how an to be an excellent Christian Broadcaster.

I still work with WFRN as a consultant, it seems God takes me full circle, as I am getting ready to go back to Windom for ‘House of Hope’, in the building I used to clean as a custodian!

This year also marks my 40th year in radio. I started out in 1978 at the Minnesota News Network in Minneapolis and today our radio program ‘House of Hope’ airs on 5 radio stations in southwestern Minnesota at on the HUB of New Mexico.

There are so many people I have so much love for and all the help they have been to me and Sharon. I know I have not listed everybody and I am so sorry for that. I have to mention Pastor Jim Montoya, as Jim gave me my first opportunity to be a Preacher, I was his Associate Pastor at the Church of God in Los Lunas, 9 years ago this year. Jim taught me much, main theme Jim showed me was, carry out the Great Commission!  Also to Cowboy Deacon Charles McCargish of FBC in Reserve. This 83 year old man of God has taught me so much!

As you can see I am a very blessed man. I am just paying back for all the love I have received in my 62 years.

I cannot thank my Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma Caraway and Uncle Joe Moede for always encouraging me, being role models for me, my kids, and of course Sharon and the doggy’s!

I am so sorry not everybody is listed here that has had such a Godly impact on my life, but God knows.

Love in Jesus to you all, in fact we love you all more than  Dewey and Sharon

This is the verse that God gave me when He established FGGAM:

Life Verse for Founding Pastor Dewey Moede:

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” -Acts 20:24

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