Good Morning Beautiful People…Double, Double, He’s Back, Put Your Running Shoes On!


Good Morning Beautiful People…Double, Double, He’s Back, Put Your Running Shoes On!

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I get so excited over the moving of God’s spirit. I am just like a kid at the candy store when I am in a meeting where the spirit of God is moving. Everything happens at these types of meetings, everything. People are healed, they dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ and choose to follow Him, others speak in languages that makes me hungry to understand.

Last night here in the beautiful state of Maine, Evangelist Sam Austin has hit the ground running. He and his beautiful wife have arrived at Whited Bible Camp and He is praying his luggage would catch up. I laughed as he preached amongst preachers with their suits fit for a king in his running shoes.

I lay in my bed late last night pondering his message on the Holy Spirit and the altar. I am up early this morning and pulled a prayer journal from 2003-and a few books that were on the top of a packed box a friend packed up for me. Listen to this line up of books. Such A Vision Of The Street, Mother Teresa -The Spirit and the Work (Eileen Egan), Dream Again Miracles Happen Everyday! (Tommy Barnett), The Power Of A Praying Woman (Stormie OMaritian), Access To The Anointing Steps Into The Supernatural (Michelle Corral) and Prayer Rain (Dr. D.K. Olukoya). I must admit I am addicted to my Bible and books.

I review my prayer journal from September 2003. Double Double, speak it, decree it. (Job 22:27) and Call those things which be not as though they were (Romans 4:17) Put everything on the altar and have faith Angel, I penned that day. Your place of pain will be double rain and God will restore as He did for Job. I go on to journal and pray for my children, family, co-workers and the youth of this nation. I tell Jesus how much I love Him, I thank Him for my protection, the trial and remind Him of His Word in Deuteronomy 28:7 The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against me will be defeated before me. They will come at me from one direction but flee from me in seven. Somebody shout 7. Oh, the joy of communicating (prayer) with our creator. Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you for the greatest outpouring of Your spirit this world has ever known. Thank you for double, double. Thank you for filling our youth with fresh fire, blaze spirit blaze all across this globe we pray. Restore to us the years the locusts have eaten according to Your Word, oh God.

Thank you for double, double. Double for the trouble. Jesus be glorified in our lives. Our eyes are fixed on you. We see the need of the people on the streets that need to dream again. You, oh God are their living hope. We thank you for pouring out Your Holy Spirit in their lives. Rain down healing rain, rain down.

Thank you for hearing and answering our prayers mighty God. We have our running shoes on. Amen





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