House of Hope Radio: A Good Father Encourages His Children to Live a Life Pleasing to God


Welcome to the House of Hope Radio program! 

There is a remarkable text found in the first book of the Bible in Genesis 49. Jacob has 12 sons. As he is preparing to depart this life he calls all his sons around his bedside and pronounces a blessing upon each one. Genesis 49 and verse 28 states,
“He (that is Jacob) blessed them every one with the blessing appropriate to him”.
Did you get that? He pronounces a blessing upon each son, words that would be just for that son. Everyone of our children need to hear a blessing appropriate to them; boys and girls; sons and daughters. Words of affirmation from our Dads!
Bill Glass, former all Pro football player for the Cleveland Browns and founder and Director of Bill Glass Prison ministries underlines and underscores the importance of Father’s pronouncing blessings upon their children ALL THROUGH THEIR LIVES. Bill states, “children need a father who speaks the words of love, hope and belonging in their lives.” He continues, “the future of your children and your children’s children and even their children depends upon it.”

The Windom Revival: House of Hope at the BARC in Windom this August 1oth and 11th! Many new Speakers and musicians! Please pray for us! God Bless you all! Happy Father’s Day!

Pictures above is me and my Dad, he loved serving on the Windom Fire Dept. and his other favorite thing was to be Transpiration Director for the Windom Schools! The most important thing for Dad was to be a man of God, a Godly husband and Father. He also served at head usher at our home church, ALC.

Dad also served as a Sgt. in the U.S. Marines in WWII.

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