Good Morning Beautiful People…It Is Time For The Outpouring


Good Morning Beautiful People…It Is Time For The Outpouring

Good late morning beautiful people. It’s Saturday morning and the sun in shining and it is such a beautiful day. I was thinking this morning about the ministry of Global Awakening. I looked at the post I wrote in January of 2017 Can You Hear It? Awakening…Yes! Hmmmm… I love to ponder the things of God in my heart. I like to try to discover the mysteries of the moving of His spirit. Silly me…

However, the vision God gave me around 2005, I still have etched in the forefront of my mind. A writing I penned from that vision and all the beautiful flowers on an altar I saw one early morning at 3 AM was stirred once again just recently at the Global Awakening Conference in Rusagonis, New Brunswick, Canada.

I shared the vision with the founder of the conference Dr. Randy Clark as my heart skipped a few beats at seeing first hand what I saw in a vision in 2005. He shared his insight with me and I know because I know, because I know, the time is now.

Dust off your visions, dust off your dreams and join the river that is flowing. From the Crown of Maine to seven continents of the world, God is pouring out His spirit once again. Awakening, yes I did hear the sound in 2017.

This is the greatest time to be alive. Enjoy every day, share your faith and believe in His promises. It is not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit (Zechariah 4:6) I am beginning to understand what Pastor Bennie Jones meant when he said I think I am going to have a spell. (Good Morning Beautiful People…It Is Here)





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