ABQ Journal: NM Primary Election: Woman Power


This is an excellent article in the ABQ Journal this morning by Dan McKay. 2018 New Mexico Primary Election: Woman Power….Women swept all five statewide and federal races in the state. I know this, women are the stronghold of the American Church. Women are taking the lead in many areas of our country because men have failed, from our homes and beyond.

We will be sharing more on this the closer we get to Father’s Day. Please read the book and buy it for every man in your family….”KINGDOM MAN” by Tony Evans! A huge part of the problem in this country is that men are not being men of God!

ABQ Journal Report

We are praying for Albuquerque, for the state of New Mexico and all of America. I am so very sad that Albuquerque has made it to another bad list! Life is not getting any better in Albuquerque at all, it is getting worse, for that matter the state is in a downward trend. It is so very heartbreaking. I preach in Reserve, New Mexico and most will not go to the Duke City anymore because of the crime.

We know that the Lord has placed us in Albuquerque to shine His light! Jesus is the only answer!

It is such a spiritual high to know you are planted right where God wants you to be!

Quality of life in an American city often depends on the neighborhood one lives in, as abject poverty and crime can be found just blocks away from prosperity. Still, as much as a city can be judged on the whole, some cities face widespread problems that detract from their residents’ overall quality of life.

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