ABQ Journal Reports: Congressman Pearce: Youngblood Should Look Constituents ‘In The Eye’



This story makes me so very sad. We have state lawmaker Rep. Monica Youngblood who has been charged with aggravated DWI. She is not talking to the media or her constituents as far as I know. I pray that she comes forth and says he is sorry and explains herself.

We all have to be good examples, we all will slip up sometime, but then we have to repent, seek forgiveness and communicate, in this case, with the voters. We have to face the heat, pay the consequences.

We are praying for Rep. Youngblood, for peace, comfort and for the right words to speak, in Jesus name, Amen.

When I have visited the State Capitol, The Roundhouse, I have met her.

I talked with Albuquerque Chief of Police Mike Geier this week about the frustration of the courts releasing offenders quickly from jail. It is very frustrating for him and his officers and for us citizens, this must stop!

Drinking and driving in New Mexico has killed so many innocent people. So many families have been destroyed. I have addressed this issue since I moved here in 1995. I have interviewed many folks who have lost loved ones through a drunk driving wreck.

Please speak to us Rep. Youngblood, so we know how we can help you and how to pray for you.

Read what Congressman Pearce says……

ABQ Journal Report

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