Are You On God Assignment Today? Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Are You On God Assignment Today?


Good morning beautiful people. Everyday as we look into the eyes of people, we see their fear, their pain, and the years of buried hurt. Can you believe God Himself would entrust such precious people to come into your life? Could He be desiring you to help them to find the hope they have in Him? I believe so.

Today, let’s ask Him to highlight at least one person that we could encourage, we could speak a timely word too. I love these God assignments and you will too.

Father, thank you that you first loved us. Because of your great love, our lives are forever changed. We desire to be vessels for your love to flow through. At the end of every day we want to know that we were more than Christian in just word, but also in deed. Teach us Holy Spirit every day to walk in love. We want to walk in the love of Jesus Christ.

Today, flow through us mighty God. May the world see you in action through our daily lives. Thank you for destiny. You truly are God with us. We believe. Amen

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Be secure in His love today and give some away.

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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