April Showers Bring? Angel’s Prayer Of The Day…


April Showers Bring?

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Good morning beautiful people. April showers bring May flowers. Yes they sure do. As I glance out my window this morning, this rain is washing away our snow. Yes! Soon the flowers will bloom once again.

I was reminded this morning of a sketch that an elderly women gave me at the Healing Waters Conference last weekend. It was a beautiful flower with a bird and a heart. A vision she had while I was speaking. She apologized for her not so good drawing. The lady doesn’t even realize she is an artist. Her prophetic gifting and encouragement was such a great blessing to me personally. I love how God uses the gifting in each of us to be a blessing to the world.

As we are winding down the days of this month, let’s thank God for His rain. May we see lives bloom once again.

Father, thank you for heaven’s rain. Let the healing balm of Gilead rain down on your people, oh God. May lives bloom again where there has been hurt, pain and injustice. Your grace is enough for us all. Cleanse us Holy Spirit from the inside out.

Thank you for rain, oh God. Wash over us with your healing rain so that new life can bloom once again in our lives. Wash over our regions like never before. Our ground, our hearts are prepared to receive it. May our lives bloom just like the wild flowers.

April showers bring may flowers. Maine, you will never be the same. Your days have never looked like this before. Father, thank you for this rain that is bringing the greatest move of God to our region. We so receive it. Faith matters in Maine, yes, it sure does. Pour it down on us like never before, oh God.

We pray for every beating heart without Jesus, we call you forth. Jesus has the freedom plan for your life. Believe! You are part of the latter rain. He welcomes you in His Kingdom today. Jesus paid the price and He has the keys to your freedom and the plan for your life. Amen

Oh, somebody shout freedom! Talk with Him today (pray) beautiful people. He loves you and desires to make the sun shine in your life once again.

1 Corinthians 15:10  But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain.

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