Destiny Moments: Shanon and Sam, Faith For The Impossible!


This week on Destiny Moments, Angel interviews two students from Faith Bible College International.

Shanon Bernard son of Pastor R Bernard from India. He is in his 3rd year of theological studies . It’s just a miracle how I came to America to study, and how God is using me here, I’m amazed, Shanon states. I came here with $100 in my hand, and now I am in my third year of school without any debt! God has taken care of $10,000. It’s just by Faith that when God’s will is on your life He will provide everything that you need. “Where there is a vision, there is provision” I have one more year until my graduation, after my ordination I will be going back to India and ministering with my father. My heart is for the lost souls, my desire is to lead them to Christ through prophetic and deliverance worship. I long to see this world accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

Joining Shanon is Sam Immanuel. He is from Chennai which is in south India. He was born in a Christian family. My father is a pastor and my mother was a staff nurse. I was born a premature and had a respiratory problems and few days after my birth I almost died and God gave me this life so that I can be a living testimony. I totally went away from God and his will. I started to drink, smoke and did all bad stuff. But still God didn’t give up on me. I accepted Christ at the age of 19, when I tried to kill myself. God has done a lot in my life. I thank God for His grace, says Sam.

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