Good Morning Beautiful People…Forgive Us God As We Contend For The Next Generation


Good Morning Beautiful People…Forgive Us God As We Contend For The Next Generation

Good Morning Beautiful people. This morning as I cuddle my granddaughter and pray for her future and the future of all my grandchildren, I sense an urgency to ask God to forgive me and to forgive our nation for allowing Him to be removed from our schools and our government once again. The time has come that we can no longer be silent. We that have a voice must stand for those that cannot stand for themselves.

Today, will you join me in asking God for forgiveness? Will you join with me and thank God for His mercy? We are need of Him in every state and in every place that there is human existence. We have remained silent way too long.

Father, please forgive me (us) for not standing up for what we believe in. The greatest love letter ever given to mankind, the Bible, we allowed to be pushed out in so many places. What values, what truths, what standards will our children and grandchildren live by, if we don’t teach them Biblical principles, I ask myself this early morning.

Father, forgive me, forgive us for the materialism that has hit our country. Everyone wants the latest technology, the latest trend and sometimes they forget the most important things in life cannot be bought. The most important things in life have already been paid for, by Jesus Christ Himself.

Father, we need your presence back in a stronger way in our nation. Our schools are suffering. We are seeing society shaping the future generations and ask for Your hand of mercy to be extended once again.

Oh God, will you start with us and bring change to our youth. These innocent lives are being shaped and destroyed by evil. Today, we draw the blood line. We say you have come this far, but you will go no further. Every demonic influence in our families, our schools, our government be found out. God, you see everything, nothing escapes Your watchful eye. Expose evil because of your great love and mercy for Your people. Thank you for healing our land according to Your Word in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

We stand united for these kids and all the youth across this land. From the youth gathering this weekend at Whited Bible Camp to every youth gathering around the world, we declare fire. We ask God these kids be first fruits of what you are doing on the earth today. Encounter them, oh God and draw them to Yourself, we pray. Ignite their fire. Use them to be catalysts (world changers) and to bring the fire everywhere their feet tread, for your glory alone. Amen


Have a blessed day beautiful people. Pray and bless a child today. Fire!


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