Thank You For The Open Heaven… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Thank You For The Open Heaven…


Good morning beautiful people.  Together, let’s thank Him for the open heaven over us.  Let’s thank Him for His presence.  Let’s thank Him for His faithfulness to us. Let’s thank Him for filling us with new wine today. (Mark 2:22) Oh, so much to be thankful for. Let’s thank God today as Christians that He has dispatched angels to watch over us. (Psalm 91) No need to fear.

Father, thank you for the open heaven over our nation.  We are thankful you heard our many prayers. You see everything from on High. Nothing escapes your watchful eye, our Good Father.  As the eagle mounts up at your command, and makes its nest on high, It spies out the prey: it’s eyes observes from afar.(Job 39:27). Thank you for being the God that sees.

You tell the snow when to fall on the earth.  Likewise the gentle rain and the heavy rain.  You, Oh God, by Your breath, ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen. (Job 36:6,7)That all men will know Your work.  Thank you God even the ice can’t stop the river from flowing.  Thank you that the river is flowing from the Crown of Maine across this nation and to the nations.  We thank you God for the outpouring that has already begun. To you our Father, we give all the glory.

Holy Spirit lead us this day and give us eyes to see like the eagle, so we can see our King.  Amen

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Keep looking up and thank Him for the open heaven.

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