This is just such an awesome post by Mercy Alarid of Passion Church in Albuquerque, so loving and encouraging! Thank you Mercy for allowing us to post this!


Went to the store this morning and as I checked out, the clerk asked if I was collecting stamps for pots and pans. I would, but by the time the contest takes place, I know I will have lost most of them, so I don’t. As usual, I asked the person behind me if he collected stamps and he said he did. He struck me as a kind man and reminded me of my dad. I asked for my stamps and gave them to him. He said thank you several times and I left smiling.

It turned out we were parked right next to each other, so he said, “Thanks again for those stamps.” I said “you’re very welcome,” as I proceeded to get into my car. Before I could close my door, he paid me the kindest compliment. As sweetly and respectfully as he could express himself, he said, “You are such a pretty girl. You are such a pretty girl.”

There was no flirting on his part, no advances made, no malice in his comments; Just a kind compliment. I smiled and thoughtfully said, “Thank You sir,” as I closed my door.

Grocery shopping had just turned into an exchange of gifts… I gave him stamps. He gave me joy. I got the best end of the deal so now I want to pay it forward.

What will you give today? What will you receive?

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