The Time is Now



My vocabulary does not contain the words to describe how it makes me feel to see the destruction taking place in our country. Leaving a trail of ugliness and hate is no way for people to act…. and no excuse comes close to making sense as to why someone would destroy our national monuments. If something offends you, avoid it, don’t look at it, or take the proper steps to change it. Defacing, removing or destroying a monument or statue will not erase the reason for its being built in the first place. The Civil War did occur. Lives were forever changed…. for the better in most cases. Tearing down the symbols of our freedom is nothing but a slap in the face to those who fought and died to preserve it.
Being from the south, I did not agree with the policies some in the Confederacy fought to uphold, such as slavery. I do however have a great deal of respect for anyone who is willing to fight to the death for something they believe in. But truly, haven’t we seen enough war, hate and hostility already? Isn’t it time for us to come together and try to heal the wounds of the past in order to provide a peaceful existence for the generations to come?
All these organizations vying for recognition right now such as the BLM, Antifa, white supremist, etc. need to be dis-banned and forgotten. If anything needs to be torn down, it is the hate all these people so eagerly spew when confronted with something they disagree with or find offensive. They are not the only ones either. Liberals in our government and in the entertainment field, NFL players….whoever feels the need to disagree with everything our country stands for, all need to stop.
Since when did it become the news people’s job to decide how the President should conduct his life, choose the words he uses or dress his child? Who cares what our First Lady and son or daughter wears, or how much it costs as long as it’s suitable to them and they’re paying for it? I have never seen so much ado about nothing in my life as in the last six months. Our President has become the target of every talk show host, so-called comedian and over-paid actor to the point I am about ready to unplug my TV and boycott Facebook.
With the technology we have today making everything universally available to the point that what we say or write on social media is seen by virtually everyone in the world, doesn’t it make sense NOT to be so quick to give opinions and say whatever crosses our minds? With such a vast audience, we all could be doing so much more good. Especially when we criticize and find fault, insult the leaders of other countries, spread filth and profanity….all this puts our country in such a bad light. What must others think of how we Americans treat our President, honor our heroes, raise our kids, etc. We are never alone and many are watching. What message are we sending and how can we do better?
Some are predicting another civil war within the United States. We all know there is nothing civil about war….or rioting for that matter. A civilized people sit down and work their problems out by sharing ideas and brainstorming solutions. If we do not all come to this conclusion soon and get to work, the One in charge, whose judgement is final, will soon pull the plug on all of us. It is sad to think how we must look to other countries….but how must God be feeling about how we have handled ourselves so far? Satan is dancing in the street, but his victory will not last long.
If we all come together and agree to disagree about some things and find common ground on others, pray for each other and our leaders, God will keep His promise to heal our land. It’s up to us, His people, to take the steps necessary to bring change and hope to those who need it most. Let’s make sure the message we send is a positive one and points others in the right direction. God is long suffering and not willing that even one of us should perish, but even His patience will run out one day and it will be too late.
Perhaps the times mentioned in Ecclesiastes 3: 2-8 are here and now. 2 …. time to be born ( into the family of God), time to die (to our old ways of life), time to plant (seeds of faith) and to pluck up that which is planted ( weeds of doubt).
3 …. time to kill ( the rhetoric), time to heal (the broken hearts), time to break down (the barriers of unbelief) and time to build up (the church of Jesus Christ).
4 …. time to weep (for lost souls), time to laugh (with pure joy), time to mourn ( the ones who have perished) and time to dance (to a new beat).
5 …. time to cast away stones ( of discontent), time to gather stones (of truth), time to embrace (God’s laws), and time to refrain from embracing ( false doctrine).
6 …. time to get (ready for His return), time to lose (the yoke of racism), time to keep (His commandments) and time to cast away ( the ideas of evil men).
7 …. time to rend ( our cloak of self-righteousness) time to sew (garments of service), time to keep silent (in order to hear), time to speak (God’s truth).
8 ….time to love ( one another), time to hate (destruction), time to war (against evil) and a time of peace (in the hearts of men).


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My name is Betty Fritz. I was born and raised in Texas but have resided in Elkhart, Indiana for the last 25 years. My husband is a Hoosier so that’s how we wound up here. We have two daughters and a son plus 6 grand kids…..3 boys and 3 girls. I retired last year after working for 24 years at Elkhart Child Development Center. I’ve been writing since a teenager and have taken several writing courses. I enjoy writing short stories. I wrote a book of poems, RHYMES OF THE TIMES, which was published a few years ago. I have written countless songs, a few for which demo recordings have been made. Recently I’ve been writing blogs..most of them about my faith and things the Lord has taught me in my Christian life over the last 51 years. My inspiration comes from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and my desire to see that my grandchildren grow up in a Christian nation. My goal is to bring glory to Him and help others to see that there is POWER in the name of JESUS!

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