Dewey, We have only known you a year,(Windom, Minnesota Revival August of 2016) but through this meeting, GOD has blessed both Butch and I with ťhis prayer ministry. The group right now is small in number, but we have grown together in confidence by witnessing so many of our agreement prayers being answered way beyond what our human minds could have even imagined! When I wake up in the morning I go to FB to see if anyone needs prayer, and your FGGAM reports and posts get me to look outside of Windom into needs around the globe! I can see why you get up soo early. So thank you for keeping us enlightened and in prayer for others. It will be a different meeting this November, since we know each other now! You are so gifted in so many different directions, and led by THE HOLY SPIRIT. Thank you for all you and Sharon do to keep us informed and in prayer! Bless FGGAM,TOO.
Pat and Butch, it has been such a blessing to have your love and friendship! I will never forget meeting you both! The lighted Cross Butch made for me still is lit here at the house forever and ever! The words you have spoken into my heart and soul are their forever! I will never forget when I called you at 2:30am one day and asked you to pray! I look so much forward to Pat preaching at the Revival this year!!! PTL! PTL!
Just a reminder that the Windom Revival program is heard Sundays on KWOA am730 and 100.3 FM at 7am and KDOM 1580am and 94.3 FM at 7:45am.

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