One of the things that pulls at my heart and soul is troubled marriages. I do my best and also when needed I refer couples on to other counselors. So many strained marriages, it breaks my heart. Also I find that so many Christians are suffering from strained relationships with God.

In her book, “Healing the Whole Man”, Joan Hunter writes, It is not uncommon to minister to men and women who do not have the love for their spouse they once had. (ME:I find this way too often!!, many people are in the same boat about their relationship with GOD!!)

Over time a spouse did things wrong or did not meet expectations. Small hurts slowly add up. Eventually, hearts hardened and they no longer feel the love that was once the cornerstone of their marriage. the intimacy is gone.

Our response to these people is always the same. What could your spouse have to do to win back your love? I get many responses from “I am not quite sure,” to a list of things that would fill a ream of paper. To this is my response is always the same. Release your spouse of their debt!

The spouse most likely does not deserve to be released and has not done enough to win you back, but simply release them from what you are holding against them. Lay down the conditions that you have set in your heart for your spouse to meet. Lay them on the alter of God and simply love your spouse. Then make the declaration to give 100 percent of your heart back  to your spouse. You do it just like this:

Prayer to Release Spouse:

“I willingly lay down all the conditions that I am expecting my spouse to meet on the altar of God. I (Your full Christian name) choose to give 100 percent of my heart to (Your spouse’s full Christian name) from this day forth.”

Joan Hunter says she has watched so many people do this very thing and the love they once had for their mates filled their hearts again. She has received many testimonies over the years of the amazing changes in relationships.


God has called us to unconditional love.

And the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Mark 10:8


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