Texas Leads The Way in Anti-Abortion Efforts

Washington Examiner

In the last few years, conservatives who are passionate about the pro-life cause have finally gotten savvier in reducing the number of abortions in their states. They have done it by way of strategic legislation which, for example, encourages abortion providers like Planned Parenthood to measure up to health standards, or bans abortions past certain gestation periods.

Texas has especially led the way in this approach. And its newest law, which will become effective Sept. 1, is an example of that. Yet its critics remain ever angry and belligerent over any attempts to curb or regulate abortion.

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Antle: Media makes a mistake by wrestling with Trump

Antle: Media makes a mistake by wrestling with TrumpDespite the outrage among journalists over President Trump circulating a meme portraying him doing a pro wrestling-style takedown of CNN, many in the press seem eager to climb into the ring with him and even play the heel.

Byron York: Why the rebellion over Trump voter commission?

Byron York: Why the rebellion over Trump voter commission?In the past week election officials in dozens of states have rejected a request from the newly-formed Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity to provide voter records for a study on the extent (if any) of election fraud. Some of those officials have expressed great indignation that the commission would even ask. Yet many of those same officials would gladly sell those very same records — to campaigns, to candidates, to political consultants, even to you. It’s a situation that baffles some political veterans.

Michael Chertoff: Trump voter fraud commission’s request for data could harm national security

A request by President Trump’s voter fraud commission for data from states could pose a threat to national security, according to former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Rex Tillerson offers Russia the chance to ‘appropriately coordinate in Syria’

Rex Tillerson offers Russia the chance to 'appropriately coordinate in
Syria'Russia and the United States have a chance “to appropriately coordinate in Syria” so that refugees can return home, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said.
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Steve Scalise readmitted to intensive care unit amid infection concerns, in ‘serious’ condition

Steve Scalise readmitted to intensive care unit amid infection
concerns, in 'serious' conditionHouse Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., has been readmitted to the intensive care unit at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and is listed in “serious” condition after concerns emerged about possible infection as he continues recovery from a gunshot wound received during practice for the Congressional Baseball Game on June 14.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules illegal immigrant children cannot be detained without a hearing

Children who immigrate to the U.S. illegally alone must be given a court hearing before being detained, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

Liberals try to refute Seattle minimum wage study

Liberals are aggressively trying to debunk a recent study by the University of Washington that found that Seattle’s recent move to a $13-an-hour minimum wagehas left the city’s low-wage workers much worse off.

President Trump goes to Warsaw

President Trump goes to WarsawFor the past 15 years, Poland has been a reliable American partner when others in Europe were not.

Are the Arab Gulf nations headed for a divorce with Qatar?

Saudi Arabia and the UAE want the status quo to prevail above all else, while Qatar wants to tap into any opportunity or political entity that will provide the gas-rich peninsular nation with influence on par with a genuine regional player. And it might just be an irreconcilable difference.

‘We are still in’: Rahm Emanuel’s futile and stupid virtue signaling

'We are still in': Rahm Emanuel's futile and stupid virtue signalingChicago is basically the municipal equivalent of that widely used dumpster fire GIF, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel has more important things to worry about than the Windy City’s long descent into becoming an insolvent killing zone: He has to let the climate mandarins know that he’s with them.

Texas law recognizes the humanity of the unborn, leftists rage

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB 8 into law last month, banning “partial-birth” and “dilation and evacuation” (D & E) abortions,” and setting guidelines regarding fetal burial requirements. It’s causing some people to lose their minds.

White House advisers discussed using Time Warner-AT&T merger to rein in CNN: Report

The New York Times reported Wednesday night that White House advisers have discussed how a pending merger between CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, and AT&T could allow President Trump to exert leverage over CNN.

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