This is from Frank and Alice’s daughter, Lydia Haley Crandall……

On June 7, 2017 my sister, Amanda, unexpectedly passed away. She leaves behind two sons, 23 & 9 years old. Just prior to her untimely death, she had lost her job of more than a decade. She also struggled with bi-polar disorder & had recently undergone surgery to repair an injury on her foot. In addition, her car was recently repossessed, as she could not pay the note due to her layoff. We are hoping to raise enough money for her burial expenses, medical expenses & to pay off her outstanding debt, so my nephews & their loving father are not left carrying this burden alone. We are a hard working family, but the added expenses incurred due to her untimely passing has placed a huge burden on our family. Please consider helping us out during this difficult time. We thank you for your prayers!   Donate Here

This is from Pastor Steve Stucker:

I’m asking for love and prayer directed to my friend & dear brother Frank Haley. He & his wife Alice just found out their 45 yr old daughter Amanda died, from unknown causes. This is the second child of the Haley’s to pass away from this world, & my heart grieves for them. They are faithful, hard working, outspoken believers…& great examples to many of us. Frank, after ‘retiring’ from decades as a radio newsman, came back to spread the Good News on AM 730 every morning. Feel free to post your loving support for the Haley’s here, & if you know them, reach out in love & kindness, as they do their best to soldier on for Jesus.

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