Declare Your Healing…Angel’s Prayer Of The Day

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Declare Your Healing…

I love this prayer. This is a prayer I pray just about every day as I meet people or have folks text, email, face book or contact me for prayer. My life verse Psalm 107:20.


Father, thank you for healing. Your Word is full of scriptures to declare over our lives in regards to healing. Whether it is our nation, towns, cities, homes, our personal lives, you are the healer.

Thank you that the healing has begun in our nation. Let it  spread to the nations.You are a God that rebuilds the ancient ruins. (Isaiah 61:4) You are the one true God that watches over Your Word to perform it. May the people believe what Your Word can accomplish and choose to believe.

We thank you today that as we believe Your Word through the power of the Holy spirit, we experience the manifestation of Your Word as Christ the Healer. Thank you for the healing balm of gilead (Jer. 8:22).

Oh, how we love Christ the healer!

Thank you for grace and mercy. Thank you that the healing has begun. Thank you God that Your healing crosses borders. Thank you for new territories. 

Psalm 107:20 He sent out his Word and healed them and delivered 

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